Future Law Enforcer to Leave Michigan

Brendan Photo
Brendan Makar, 24, is a recent Oakland University graduate from Michigan who wishes to move to the beautiful NYC

Who is this “future law enforcer”?

Twenty-four-year-old Brendan Makar is an alumni from Oakland University located in Auburn Hills, Michigan. He graduated in December of 2015 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice Special Corrections and Treatment and a Minor in International Relations. Growing up in Michigan his whole life, Makar always knew he wanted a career in federal law enforcement. The only thing is that he wants to do that somewhere other than Michigan.

Why Leave Pure Michigan?

Makar has future plans to leave Michigan and move to New York City where he has already applied for 2 jobs that have major posts there. One Makar says is “The U.S. Park Police which is one of the oldest, most sought out federal law enforcement agencies.” NYC has numerous amounts of federal law enforcement agencies which means Makar has a great chance at getting a job.

After recently visiting, Makar also expressed his love for everything NYC has to offer.

“You would never have to leave the city. It has housing, nightlife, food, great people, parks. There is always something new and excited to see and do or buy… And Times Square never gets old either!”

Who Else is Fleeing Michigan?

An article written by Ted Roelofs mentions that “Michigan had a net domestic migration loss of 38,911 people in the one-year period from July 2014 to July 2015.”

That means almost 39,000 more people left Michigan than came to it. What does this mean for the economy? What does this say about Michigan? What does this say about jobs in Michigan?

Another article study said that The University of Michigan surveyed about 7,000 2012 Michigan graduates and found that 37% of them left Michigan. Of those graduates, 86% said they left “due to better career opportunities, better urban experiences and public transportation.”

It was also noted that these graduates said they would like to get a job in a place they’d like to live.

What Are People Leaving Behind?

Although many people are glad to get away from the Michigan weather, there are some great things that you can only experience in Michigan. No matter what state you are moving away from, there will always be things that make you sad to leave behind.

For Makar, he will definitely miss the Metro Detroit area, specifically Royal Oak and New Baltimore as he grew up in both places. He loves those cities as well as the festivals that are unique to Detroit.

NYC doesn’t have anything like the Hoedown or Arts, Beats, and Eats”

But knowing what an adventure New York City can take him on and all the opportunities it has to offer, Makar feels confident that leaving Michigan is the best choice for him.





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